Underachieving assassins, psychotic android gym teachers, toilet dwelling bog beasts and more in this full colour comic anthology for children ages 8+

Egg must enter a sugary breakfast cereal realm to rescue his friend Ham from the clutches of a vile Leprechaun in Ham and Egg by Daniel Arruda Massa.

Child journalist Korrentheus Attenbaur and his faithful photo droid Jerry are sent on their most dangerous assignment yet: covering an intergalactic baked bean eating championship!

After getting kicked out of assassin school, underachieving goblin Dank Grapple embarks on an epic quest, which will put the fate of everyone he cares about in his tiny green hands, in the first part of Disney artist Rene Pfitzner’s Sneaky Goblins series.

All this and more await you inside the fourth thrill-packed issue of Hotchpotch (available in print and on Kindle).


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