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The Last Of The
Navel Navigators

What if you had the power to open portals to other worlds at the click of a bellybutton…but every time you did so, you risked being eaten?


Discovered in a swamp and raised by hillbillies, Jellybean 'Gator Bait' Skratcher leads a sheltered life, until one day he accidentally tears a hole in the fabric of the universe, whilst attempting to remove fluff from his bellybutton.

He’s whisked away on an epic adventure across hostile worlds teeming with ravenous demons, mischievous beard pixies, and deadly hunchback cooking, all the while led by a scatterbrained stork who's made it his mission in life to deliver Jellybean to the right parents, or die trying.

But when your best friend's a goat, and your greatest hope for survival relies solely upon a talentless magician who can’t even do proper card tricks, nothing is likely to go as planned!

Reality Rangers: Wrath Of The Cyber Queen

The cyber Queen’s gone on a rampage, Farmer Rumbleclump has been abducted by aliens, and punk rock zombie Rotting Johnny has been accidentally brainwashed by a parrot.

Time to call the Reality Rangers!

Tasked with defending England’s fair shores from the supernatural, the uncanny, and the down right creepy, this trio of plucky nine year old children might have bitten off more than they can chew in a laugh-out-loud adventure that will pit them against quiche loving aliens, deadly robotic Borgis, music obsessed zombies and more.


Featuring Arthur Crickhollow (the brains), Maisy Halfbrick (the brawn), and Gary Rumbleclump (the belly).


Wrath Of The Cyber Queen is a fully illustrated self-contained comedy fantasy adventure.

Grynbad Collection Books 1-3

Join young dentally-challenged Timmy Grynbad in a trio of fun packed adventures that will see him sail across the Seven Soups in search of his grandpa’s missing false teeth, soar through the sky on the most miserable magic carpet ever to have existed, and squelch across the centre of the earth on a dinosaur named ‘Mr Stompy’.


Along the way, Timmy and his band of elderly misfits will battle against dastardly pirates, dirt dwelling troglodytes, bad tempered genies, man-eating moo cows, blood sucking balloonaticks, shoe obsessed mermaids, ravenous dinosaurs, drowsy dragons and more!


The Grynbad Collection is a fully illustrated series of laugh out loud adventures, collected into one glorious volume, that's available in hardback, paperback or on Kindle Unlimited.

Grynbad And 
The Seven Soups

​Timmy Grynbad has bad teeth, and a big heart. So when his beloved grandpa's most magnificent false teeth get stolen by a great green Gribble Grobble, he responds in the same manner as any dutiful grandson would; he leaps headfirst into a barrel of custard and sets off after them.

Emerging in a strange land of liquid, Timmy soon discovers he must cross the Seven Soups and face its many hazards.

Along the way he will battle lolly-loving pirates, wrestle with mermaids, haggle with trolls, and learn to run on custard. But such tasks pale in comparison to the dangers that await him in the foul reeking depths of minestrone!

Will Timmy sink or swim? Find out inside this fully illustrated self-contained fantasy adventure, which is sure to appeal to fans of Roald Dahl, the Mr Gum series, and Wallace and Gromit.

Praise for Grynbad: " Wacky - Weird and one of the best children's books for 7-9 year olds I've read in a VERY long time." - Linda Jones, 5 star Goodreads Review.

Grynbad And 
The Eye Of Griselda

Ugh! Grandpa Grynbad's in love with a grotty old granny named Griselda...

When her massive false eye gets stolen by hideous harpies, it's up to Grandpa and his dutiful grandson Timmy to get it back.

With the reluctant aid of Tragic Alan - the most miserable magic carpet ever to have existed - they will face off against bad tempered genies, blood sucking balloonaticks, dastardly pirates, drowsy dragons, wicked witches, and worse!

This fully illustrated self contained comedy fantasy is sure to appeal to fans of Maz Evans, David Walliams, and Disney's Aladdin.

Take to the skies on your magic carpet and come join the adventure today!

Grynbad And 
The Muddy Middle

When the mischievous elderly residents of King Clancy’s Home For Wayward Old Rascals are shipped off to the Muddy Middle and replaced with squelchy Mud Men, young Timmy Grynbad must journey to the centre of the earth to save them.

On a route lined with perils, Timmy and his mudcaked band of merry misfits will battle against filthy dirt dwelling troglodytes, bad tempered grumpyre bats, undead pirates, ravenous dinosaurs, lake dwelling horrors, and the fearsome Mudzilla!

Saddle up your Stegosaurus and come join the adventure today!


Life Subtracted

"Logan's Run Eats Soylent Green"


Anthony Cresswell has just been promoted.


After ten years coasting through life as a junior accountant, he is finally moving up in the world...all the way to the Subtractions department.


Unfortunately, thanks to extreme government measures taken to curb the ever-rising population levels, it is the Subtractions department’s job to subtract people rather than figures; all of societies underachievers are singled out, and forcibly reminded that their great sacrifice will make room for others.


For his first assignment Anthony Cresswell is given the task of subtracting himself. Needless to say, he’s not dead keen.


He goes on the run, pursued by every gun-toting government assassin in the city, with a secret buried deep in his mind that could either save or destroy mankind.


He just needs to survive long enough to find out what it is...

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