100% Biodegradable

Comic Collection

The long-running quarterly digital science fiction anthology from creators across the globe.  Featuring the likes of Alan Grant (2000ad, Batman), John Freeman (Dr Who, Judge Dredd Magazine), Liam Sharp (X-Men, Wonder Woman), Lukasz Kowalczuk (Aces Weekly, Slime!), Dave Thomson (Dr WTF, Futurequake), Ken Reynolds (Cognition, Sliced Quarterly), Tony Suleri (Cosmogenesis, Slumdroid), Dan Cornwell (2000ad, Futurequake) and many more.  


Action! Suspense! Drama! Gigantic 50-foot tall guinea pigs!  This one has it all.


Also available in 5 glorious print collections, each containing over 100 pages of comic carnage.

Like a cross between David Lloyd and vintage Alan Grant

 - Alex Thomas, Pipedream Comics

A ripping yarn that's hitting all the right beats

 - A Place To Hang Your Cape

Death Duty: Renegade


In a war-torn future, the Terran Empire holds its population in an iron grip through force. Anyone who rebels is put on The List - hunted down by the men and women of Death Duty! 

Travis Wilson, a convicted criminal serving with one Death Duty squad, is assigned to track and execute an enemy of the state who is not what she seems - but is she offering him escape from the Empire's corrupt and often savage rulers...or sowing the seeds for his own destruction?

What happens when a hardened, long-serving Dutyman questions his orders - and goes on the run with a warrior from another universe at his side?

A full-length SF action adventure from John Freeman (Doctor Who, Judge Dredd Megazine), David Hailwood (100% Biodegradable, Toxic), Brett Burbridge (Octal, 100% Biodegradable) and Ken Reynolds (Sliced Quarterly, Cognition).

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