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Hello my merry compadres!

Today I achieved two writing milestones; my 500th children's book sale, and my 150th 100% Biodegradable Comic sale on Amazon.

Now, this may not seem like much to some, but considering this time last year I only had one book out, which had sold twenty copies, I shall take that as a win!

As almost all my sales are as a result of using Amazon Ads to help me find the right audience, I have just launched a Comic Creators Newsletter (which might also be of interest to self published book authors) which will be geared towards helping those who sign up (which is free to do) learn the basics of selling comics on Amazon and other platforms. I've also put together a quick start guide to using Amazon Ads, and a more in-depth guide, which you'll be emailed when you sign up. Here's the newsletter link:

Because everyone loves an absolute bargain, it's worth noting that I have several book and comic sales running at the moment.

Grynbad And The Seven Soups is only 99p on Kindle for the rest of the day!

All 5 100% Biodegradable Comic print Collections, which feature comic strips from the likes of Alan Grant, Alan Burrows, John Freeman, Liam Sharp, Dan Cornwell and so many other amazing comic creators, are currently reduced to just £4.99 each on Amazon and are available here:

If you'd prefer to read the single digital issues, I've put together an extra special bundle that contains all 22 issues of 100% Biodegradable, plus the Apocalypse Special, for just $6.99 (79% off!) on Drivethru Comics here:

Well, I suppose I'd best get back to writing the rest of the second Grynbad book (Grynbad And The Eye Of Griselda, which I'm hoping to release in the next few months) and plotting out the Navel Navigators sequel.

Thanks for all your support so far, folks! More updates will follow soon.

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